Work on Workplace Stressors

Job interviews, tight deadlines, conflict management with peers, high-profile presentations—these things can all make even the calmest person feel jittery. We'll share tips to manage your work-related anxiety so that you can leave your work behind you at the end of each day.

Chapter 1


In this course, you'll learn to improve your overall well-being by reducing our stress. While we focus on workplace stress in this course, all the tools that you learn here today can also be applied to your day to day life as well.

Chapter 2

What is Stress?

We will learn what stress is and how it affects our cognition, emotion, behaviors, and physiology.

Chapter 3

Recognizing Workplace Stress

We will give you tools to notice workplace stress both for yourself and your colleagues.

Chapter 4

Reducing Workplace Stress Before it Happens

I'm going to share with you some tools you can implement every day to deal with stress and help reduce your stress.

Chapter 5

As-Needed Workplace Stress Plan

You'll create a personalized plan for recognizing stress triggers, dealing with stress, and reducing stress at any time

Chapter 6

Workplace Stress for Supervisors

If you are in a supervisory or managerial role in your company, you need to foster a healthy work environment. I will show you how.

Chapter 7


Workplace stress is an ongoing issue, so feel free to visit this course, and the stress plan, as often as you need to if you’re feeling overwhelmed with work.


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