Elevate Your Mood

In this course, you'll learn the fundamentals of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)—the science behind the Mooditude app. CBT is proven to help relieve depression, anxiety, obsessions, and other negative moods. We will show you how to apply CBT in your own life to identify and resolve the problems holding you back.

Chapter 1

About Mooditude and CBT

Going into this course, you might have some doubts. Maybe you're thinking, ​am I really depressed? Do I just need to "man up" or "get over myself"? Is there anything that could help me feel better? Or, if there is, how could an ​app ​be the answer? We'll answer all of those questions, taking you through a brief (and hopefully not boring) history of psychology, stigma, and therapy, then talking about where this app fits in.

Chapter 2

How Cognitions Shape Our World

In this chapter, you'll learn more about the connection between emotions, behavior, and the environment and how your thoughts are controlling nearly every aspect of your life. By learning about this cycle, you will be one step closer to breaking it and creating a better life for yourself.

Chapter 3

Identifying Our Thoughts

In our always-on, always-busy world, it can be challenging to have a quiet moment to let ourselves listen to and identify our thoughts. In this chapter, you'll learn a few techniques for doing just that: breathing from the diaphragm, meditating, journaling, and how Mooditude can help.

Chapter 4

Correcting Our Thoughts

Identifying distortions and correcting them is the heart of cognitive-behavioral therapy. Once you learn the techniques in this chapter and practice them in your daily life, you may never be the same.

Chapter 5

Patterns in Our Thoughts

We'll walk you through using Mooditude to notice and correct your thought patterns, and show you some alternate pathways to help you move forward in your life.

Chapter 6

Setting and Achieving Goals

Now that you've looked at your common distortions and triggers, and selected some courses you might benefit from in the future, and you likely have some areas to improve. That's great! But how will you get there?

Chapter 7


You've come a long way in this course. Let's recap what you've learned.


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