Connect Mind & Body

Mental health and physical health cannot be separated. Learn the practical steps you can take—like developing healthy sleeping, eating, and exercise habits—to empower you to make other productive changes in your life. You'll also learn a little about the fascinating new research on how our gut health contributes to our mental health.

Chapter 1

Course Introduction

This course builds on the skills you learned in Elevate Your Mood and empowers you to examine how your lifestyle may be exacerbating your depression and anxiety.

Chapter 2

Your Brain Can Change!

In the first segment of this course, we're going to talk about how changing the way you think changes the chemistry, structure, and function of your brain.

Chapter 3

Sleep: The First Foundation

In this segment, we're going to talk about sleep and why it's so essential for mental health, including tips to improve your sleep quality.

Chapter 4

Nutrition: Your Second Brain

In this segment, we're going to talk about some of the most common nutritional deficiencies that have been shown to contribute to depression and anxiety and may impact mental health.

Chapter 5

Light Therapy: Hack Your Body's Clock

Did you know that many people experience lower blood pressure, less energy, and a more depressed mood on cloudy days? Learn why and how to fix it.

Chapter 6

Exercise: The Healthy High

Exercise is one of the very best treatments for depression and anxiety, and it's just perfect for your brain. If you hate exercising, we will show you simple ways to incorporate it into your daily routine.

Chapter 7

Stress, Hormones, and Regulation

Stress is your body's Fight/Flight/Freeze response. It's supposed to resolve after the danger has passed naturally. However, many of our modern stressors don't go away, leading to long-lasting stress reactions. Learn how to deal with them.

Chapter 8

Connections: Fuel for the Heart

Let's talk about how to soothe your brain and create a foundation for mental health by having healthy connections with the people around us.

Chapter 9

Journaling: Talking To Yourself

Do you have a difficult problem that you're trying to solve? Perhaps you've had an intense experience that keeps bothering you? Let's talk about how to use journaling to solve these problems and improve your mental health

Chapter 10

Mindfulness: Listening To Yourself

Mindfulness​. while it's been commercialized in recent years, its success is due to its efficacy; mindfulness, when you make it a frequent practice, can be one of the most effective tools in your depression—or anxiety—fighting toolbox.

Chapter 11


In heightened states of depression and anxiety, our thoughts can spiral until we believe there's nothing good about our lives and no hope for our future. Gratitude helps stop this spiraling.

Chapter 12


Let's recap what we have learned in this course and create a personalized plan.


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Mooditude - Personalized Mental Health and Mood Tracking AppMooditude - Personalized Mental Health and Mood Tracking App
Mooditude - Personalized Mental Health and Mood Tracking App
Mooditude - Personalized Mental Health and Mood Tracking AppMooditude - Personalized Mental Health and Mood Tracking App