Working from home? Here are some mental health & self care tips

Many Americans have made drastic changes to their work life due to Covid-19. Thousands are now working from home - Zoom meetings, juggling children and pet coworkers have become the new norm. Although it may at first seem like a dream come true, many are noticing it is still taking some adjustment. Here are some self care tips to make the most out of your new routine.

Change Out of Your PJs

You don’t have to put on office clothes or adhere to any dress codes, but changing out of your PJs and into day clothes can drastically change your mindset. It’s important to get into the zone, and you can still keep it comfy!

Go Outside

Get some much needed sunlight on your lunch breaks or when your shift is over. Working from home can make you feel holed up and claustrophobic, a change of scenery and a quick walk (while keeping a safe distance from others) makes all the difference!

Make a Separate Work Space

Working from bed sounds like heaven, but it tends to not bring the best results. Make a separate work area, even if it’s just your kitchen counter, to maintain a separation between work and relaxation.

Communicate With Roommates

Talk to whoever you live with about getting space to focus during your working hours. It’s better to have a calm conversation about it up front, it prevents later frustration.

Maintain a Routine

If you now have more flexible hours, try to create a consistent routine. Consistency and regular habits help keep your head clear and your thoughts focused. Think carefully about what works for you, learn as you go, then stick to an action plan!


It’s true, we’re living in an extremely stress inducing time period. This coupled with major changes to life and work can create stress. Make time for yourself to breathe, meditate, reflect, and relax.

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