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August 19, 2020

Mental Health App

Mental health is not the taboo topic it once was, but there’s unfortunately still a stigma around asking for help. On top of that, there are barriers to support and services which make it more difficult. Mooditude is your answer for instant access to the support and tools you need no matter if your mental health is thriving or could use some work. 

We know the app store is full of apps that promise you the answer to better mental health. There are tons of helpful tools on the market, but Mooditude is your way of getting only the best necessary tools and resources in one place to provide mental health support online. The app has the potential to replace therapy visits altogether. 

The app offers digital mental health support providing research-backed tools in the palm of your hand. The Mooditude app will be your digital BFF and a therapist of sorts. The app opens the doors to endless tools and resources to elevate mood and improve mental health. It stands apart from other options with its totally free option, CBT therapy and expertly crafted tools. 

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We love that experts are consistently studying mental health and the community of mental health advocates is growing by the day… But that makes for a ton of information for you to weed through. Mooditude makes it easy by presenting you with only the best options and tools to provide mental health support. 

The app offers expert-created and approved tools that work. The app is designed to use every day as a habit to get full benefits. Don’t worry about it, you’ll be hooked on the easy to use, unique and helpful platform.

Mooditude App Features

The app has multiple features you can use each and every day to improve your mental health. 

Mood Tracking

Get to the bottom of that stressed-out bad mood, or even better- See what makes you most happy. Track your mood and use the 100s of icons to personalize to your life. 


Create a customized journal using words, photos, and videos. Document the good days and reflect on the no-so-great days.

Mooditude's Customized Journal Feature
Customized Journal

Coping Activities

Use a copy mechanism of your choice to avoid irrational or impulsive response to circumstances, and instead, move through these times in a healthy, productive way.

CBT Exercises

Learn and practice exercises used by therapists to change the way you think.

CBT Exercises for a Better Mental Health
CBT Exercises for a Better Mental Health

Meditation & Mindfulness

Take 10 minutes of your day to be with yourself. Daily meditation can be life-changing for you!

Habit Builder

Do you ever start a sentence with, “I wish I could” or “I wish I did” … You can! Mooditude will help you determine and stick to healthy habits

Mooditude App Programs

Alongside the features, you gain access to courses written by qualified psychologists! Mooditude comes with dozens of psychologist written programs, full of helpful exercises and recommendations to take on your problems. 

Mooditude App Programs
Mooditude App Programs

Move through the programs at your own pace, and see your mood improve! 

Mooditude Programs include: 

1. Elevate Your Mood

2. Connect Mind & Body

3. Cope with Life Challenges

4. Communication Skills

5. Relationship Skills 

6. Work on Workplace Stressors

7. Beat School Stress

8. Believe in Yourself

… More! 


With the prevalence of mental health issues, chances are you or someone you love could use the help and support Mooditude provides. Not only is Mooditude there for you, so is the Mooditude community. On our Instagram and Twitter, we have a community of similar-minded people who understand the importance of mental health! We also feature professionals in different mental health-related fields who share their expertise to improve mood and mental health! 

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