Holiday Blues: 8 Tips To Boost Your Mood

December 19, 2020

The holidays are officially here! For some it’s the merriest time of the year while for others it’s the most stressful time of the year. Regardless of what spectrum you fall on, our hope is that you find a reason to celebrate with a smile on your face. We also are aware that this year may look vastly different than holidays in the past which can offset some serious holiday blues. While it is important to acknowledge those feelings, it’s equally as important to engage in activities that are bound to boost your mood.

Here are eight activities that will help you sleigh this time of the year and boost your mood:

1. Host A Safe Intimate Gathering

The holidays are about spending time with your loved ones and even though 2020 has put a damper on that in many ways, a safe intimate gathering may be in your wheelhouse. With proper precautions taken and enforced, you can still enjoy each other from a safe distance. Making new memories with those that make your heart smile should be top of mind to boost your mood this holiday season.

2. Healthy Cooking

While the pies, candy canes and holiday cocktails are a treat this time of the year  remember, everything in moderation. You can absolutely enjoy each bite of a holiday dessert while also taking care of yourself ! Remember, everything of moderation. The food you choose to fuel your body has a direct correlation to your mood and energy levels so make sure to choose wisely. If you’re looking for healthy Christmas recipes to get you inspired, here are 36 mouth watering ideas.

3. Time For A Movie

Oh, the weather outside is frightful but the fire is so delightful and since we’ve no place to go . . . let’s watch a movie ! There is nothing quite like a cheerful holiday movie to make you smile. Grab a bowl of popcorn, your beverage of choice, a big cozy blanket and curl up on the couch with your favorite movie on. With so many classic Christmas movies out there, it’s hard to choose just one ! Here is a full list of the best christmas movies of all time.

4. Send Christmas Cards

There is something special about sending + receiving mail during the holidays that always brings a sense of joy. Whether you choose to share photos, a life update or a mix match of both, Christmas Cards are a great way to spread holiday cheer. If you’re not sure where to start sites such as Vistaprint or Minted make creating your special card fun and easy. Make a list of who you will send cards to and check it twice!

5. Virtual Gift Exchange

If physically being with your loved ones isn’t possible due to the circumstances of this year, there are still plenty of ways to still feel connected to one another during the holiday season and planning a virtual gift exchange is one of them! Sites such as CAMP are a place where you can easily set up a white elephant gift exchange and have a blast with your family, coworkers or friends. We know this year will look a little different than holidays in the past but making it a point to come together, whether virtually or physically, will be a mood booster that you certainly don’t want to miss out on.

6. Decorate No Matter What

Regardless of your holiday plans, decorate no matter what! If you aren’t having guests in town or have cancelled your annual holiday party - still hang your lights and stock your stockings. Decorations are an instant mood booster and will be sure to lift your spirits! So, take down the decorations boxes from the attic, turn on a holiday playlist and get to decorating. Oh what fun !

7. Seek The Good

Regardless of the season, cultivating gratitude is an essential piece to the mindfulness pie. There are so many beautiful reasons to be thankful, especially during a celebratory time of the year.

If you’re looking for ways to cultivate gratitude we suggest:
Maintaining a gratitude journal
Being mindful of your comparisons
Practice meditation
Switch you perspective
Share your appreciation

8. Pass It On

Now more than ever, we need to come together. This time of the year can be extremely hard for some and it’s our job to spread the cheer to those who may need it most. If you feel fresh out of ideas on how to a difference in someone’s day here are some of our go to’s during the holidays: paying for the person behind you in the coffee line, donating toys to kids in need or set out snacks and water for the delivery men who are working overtime to ensure your packages are delivered safely and on time.

We hope this feel good list sparked some ideas that will fill your heart. Keep in mind that you don’t need to participate in all of these activities to boost your mood. Simply choose one or two that speak to your soul and have yourself a holly jolly holiday season.

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