Give the Gift of Happiness to Your Employees

November 23, 2020

Corporate Wellness
gift of happiness with Mooditude, the better mood app

What do your employees really want for the holidays? 

Everyone is extra stressed this year, but those who are working from home or on the frontlines of the pandemic are extra stressed, balancing work, health and family obligations. 

Excessive stress can really take its toll on employees and employers leading to consequences beyond typical burnout in the workplace. According to the American Psychiatric Association Foundation for Workplace Mental Health: 

Excessive workplace stress causes a staggering 120,000 deaths and results in nearly $190 billion in health care costs each year. This represents 5% to 8% of national health care spending, derived primarily from high demands at work ($48 billion), lack of insurance ($40 billion), and work-family conflict ($24 billion).

1 Goh, J., Pfeffer, J., & Zenios, S. A. (2015). The relationship between workplace stressors and mortality and health costs in the United States. Management Science, 62(2), 608-628.

The same organization reports that rates of anxiety and depression have more than tripled when compared to January to June, 2019. There is no doubt that employees are hurting right now, and experts advise that now is the time for business leaders to acknowledge and discuss mental health challenges and make high quality resources available to their teams.

How Can Employers Deal with This Massive Stress Problem? 

Employers can help prevent excessive stress, health care costs and other tragic consequences by being proactive about providing personalized solutions during stressful times: 

1. Stress prevention

2. Coping skills

3. Individual support 

Most employers do not feel well-equipped to provide preventative care or fear that personalization of support and skills building will be prohibitively expensive. Others assume it is fine to rely on Mental Health benefits provided with health insurance or employee assistance programs even though there is an extreme shortage of mental health resources available, and even fewer that accept insurance.

Introducing Mooditude for Work

We designed Mooditude, a comprehensive app for mental health management, to make it easy for employers to give the gift of happiness to their employees, to give them what they truly want:

  • A deeper sense of peace & joy
  • Tools for setting and achieving goals
  • Skill-building for thinking more clearly
  • Personalized and private support
  • Stress management tools they can use during the workday

Offering Mooditude to your organization is an affordable and easy way to add a highly valued benefit to your team members and their families, and is a natural complement to other employee health and wellness programs. After consistent use, Moodituders report stress reduction, improved mood, attitude, coping and communication skills and, as a result, performance improvements at work. 

Mental Health Support Can Be Personal, Private and Timely

Mooditude is completely private (individual information is not shared with the sponsor) and adaptive to each individual’s needs - self-coaching vs. training/management. Rather than hiring an expensive professional development or training firm to host a one time workshop or seminar, Mooditude can be used throughout the year, any time of day to quickly combat stress with a short meditation, journaling session or CBT exercise, and remains a constant, reliable mood management companion throughout the year.

The age of awkward corporate stress management group activities is over, especially because of the need to continue working remotely and social distancing.

When you enroll as a Mooditude Corporate Wellness Partner, your employees will receive complimentary access to the Premium version of Mooditude which includes

  • Daily mood tracking with personalized mood tracking options
  • Beautiful prompted journaling, incorporating writing, photos and videos
  • Numerous, customizable guided mindfulness meditations for relaxation
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) courses and exercises for self-care and skill building
  • Engaging community forum for deeper connections

Learn More About Mooditude for Work

Learn more about Mooditude and contact us about becoming a Mooditude at Work Corporate Wellness Partner.

Your employees will thank you for making a serious commitment to mental health at work and for the gift of happiness that they can use everyday, 24/7 at work and home.

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