Upgrade your therapy practice, instantly.

Mooditude is an In-Moment Intervention and companion app that helps you communicate with your patients and provide remote continuous care between appointments.

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Grow your practice with Mooditude.


New Revenue Stream

Mooditude’s services are used by your patient outside of their session and are billable to insurance. Increase your practice’s profits without any out-of-pocket expenses. Learn which CPT codes you can bill for recurring revenue.


Get More Referrals

Mooditude’s community is growing fast and is in need of therapists immediately. We’ve already done the consultation to understand the needs of your client and what they are looking for. We only match you with those who are ready to commit.

Know the needs of your patient and steer the conversation.

Somehow, your patients seem to remember the most relevant things at the end of their session. Recover lost time, provide measurement-based treatments, and lead appointments by understanding your patient’s important experiences at the beginning of their appointment. We collect and provide you with a quick summary of your patient’s mental health symptoms, mood triggers, and progress since their last session.

Be there when you are
Needed the most.

Extend your care outside of appointment sessions to give your clients an actionable plan. Prescribe digital prescription activities for your patients and provide AI powered In-Moment Interventions when they’re in the midst of a difficult moment. They’ll feel supported and you’ll optimize your time to take only true emergency calls.

Incentivize your clients to stay the course.

Retain your clients for their entire treatment time.


Patients will feel motivated to continue their sessions when they can easily view their progress.


Clients are actively engaged between appointments and feel a sense of immediate success when they complete interactive activities in Mooditude.

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