Mooditude GRANT

Your mental well-being should
be a priority, not a privilege.


51 Million

adults are struggling with a diagnosable mental illness each year


29 Million

adults with a mental illness received no treatment in the past year


06 Million

adults with a mental illness do not have insurance


We believe mental health should be Financially Accessible.

That’s why we created the Mooditude Grant. At Mooditude, we believe no one should ever have to pick between paying their bills or treating their mental health. The Mooditude Grant was established to provide support for those who are dealing with a financial hardship. We are here to make mental health treatment more affordable for you.

Applying to the Mooditude Grant Program is easy to do!

There’s only 3 steps to apply, then you’re on your way to better mental health.

Simply fill out the grant application.
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Once you’re approved, you’ll receive premium access to Mooditude, the most comprehensive mental health app. Mooditude Premium access includes in-moment interventions, self-care tools, an evidence-based assessment for mental health symptoms, self-paced courses, an insight dashboard, and more.
You will start with three months of Mooditude Premium because we know with consistent use, you will feel better in 90 days. If you’re happy with your results, we’re happy to extend your grant. Let us know!

We’re in this together! Let’s make your mental well-being a priority today!

Testimonials from our
Grant Recipients


Grant Recipient


Thank you for creating this grant to use. I’ve been unemployed from my career for the last 8 months, it has sent my identity into a tailspin. Using the app has brought me closer to the person I am underneath. So grateful!

Grant Recipient


Thanks for the grant and allowing me to use it for 3 months. So far I have used it every day and it has helped me tremendously.

Grant Recipient


Yes! Mooditude has most definitely made great changes to my current lifestyle and has helped me stay organized and healthy As for the features I’m enjoying the most, I would have to say that the coping activities and the daily checklists are my favorite as the checklist helps me make sure that I’m taking care of my most basic needs and the coping activities help me keep my thoughts more organized and get through panic attacks and ease my anxiety. it’s a wonderful app, a true blessing and I’m really grateful for the opportunity you have given me.

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