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Mooditude is an all-in-one mental health app for stress, anxiety and depression: track your mood, learn coping skills, write in a journal, use behavioral exercises and more!

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Clinically designed mental healthprograms, at your fingertips

Mooditude is an effective, modern day solution for your mental health and well-being. Take advantage of the same tools used by clinical psychologists— tools that are proven to work.


Mood Tracking

Record your emotions with just a few icon taps. Mooditude will help you make sense of your emotional triggers so you can better handle those situations.

  • Create unlimited combinations of situations
  • Hundreds of icons to choose from
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Coping Activities

Intense feelings can make it hard to think or act rationally. Mooditude prevents impulsiveness with a set of practical coping activities.

  • Nine interactive coping activities
  • Choose from 100+ offline activities
  • Create your own

Beautiful Guided Journal

Writing is therapeutic in itself. It makes your abstract feelings into more concrete. In Mooditude, create a customized, private journal using words, images and videos. When you’re stumped, use guided writing prompts, designed explicitly for managing mental health.

Attach photos and videos

100s of writing

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CBT Exercises

Change the way you feel by changing the way you think. Mooditude offers multiple CBT exercises, the same ones used by therapists. Understand thinking patterns that are holding you back using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) exercises designed by mental health professionals.

Share results with your therapist (optional)


Meditation & Mindfulness

Peace comes with practice. Mooditude gives you customizable tools like meditation and mindfulness to build resilience to your emotions and find calm.

Customize meditation sessions to your preferences

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Meditation & Mindfulness

Peace comes with practice. Mooditude gives you customizable toolslike meditation and mindfulness to build resilience to your emotions.

100s of self-care practices

Well researched wellness goals


Habit Builder

Building resilience to stress, depression and anxiety come with setting and maintaining good habits. Sleeping and waking up at a set time, being active, and eating healthy are essential. Mooditude helps you build those habits and more by crafting personalized daily routines,  practices and reminders.

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Interactive Workbooks

Mooditude comes with dozens of psychologist written programs. Each one has multiple interactive mental health exercises to help you tackle your problems.

Psychologist developed programs

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Private & Secure

We understand that you'll be using Mooditude to collect your deepest inner thoughts and feelings, so we take privacy very seriously.

All of your data stays on your device.
No one can read or share your posts—not even us!


Take control of your mental health with Mooditude.

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