There’s more to mental health than therapy.

Care that adapts to your emotional needs and propels your progress with insight.

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Help in your vulnerable moments, insights when you’re ready to dive deeper.

In-Moment Interventions

Our intelligent technology delivers customized, immediate emotional help that’s always available. After a mood is logged, our tech analyzes the best coping strategies for the moment. We’re here when the expert can’t be.

Informed Therapists

Our innovative platform gathers data and compiles new insights on the member’s thought patterns, emotional trends, and triggers from a variety of sources. We empower. therapists to create tailored, effective treatment plans.

The right support at the right time.

Independent Care

Always know the status of your mental health. Use AI self-guided tools to help you sustain progress.

Guided Care

Use our guided smart tools and receive answers from our experts when you feel stuck.

Provider Care

Your therapist is informed of your daily struggles. Receive targeted care and complete assigned activities.

Accessible tools that create real change.

Mood Tracking & Coping

Your life doesn’t have to pause when overwhelming feelings come up. When you log your mood in the moment, our AI will recommend a short activity that calms you down quickly.


Daily practices and rituals create a space to connect your mind to your body. Practice and master skills on your own or with a therapist. Incorporate CBT exercises, mental health journaling, and meditations into your daily routine.

Habits & Routines

Organize your self-care efforts into habits and routines. Set goals for a bullet proof action plan on difficult days. These small habits create permanent change.

Self-Paced Courses

Learn long-term strategies through self-paced courses. Pick from courses that cover workplace stress, relationships, healthy lifestyles, and more.


Uncover emotional triggers and negative thinking patterns. We share this with your provider so they’ll be in a better position to craft a tailored treatment plan for a better therapy experience.

Accessible tools

Accessible tools that create real change.

Feel assured that you’ll have permanent transformation with our proven foundation. Mooditude is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and combines artificial intelligence to provide you with unique insights and evidence of your progress.

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Confidence that you are making progress.

Understand where you are and the progress you have made with our mental health test and the Insights Dashboard. Our clinically backed mental health test measures depression, anxiety, PTSD, and bipolar disorder symptoms.

The Insight Dashboard tracks your symptom improvement over time. Easily share your journey and victories with your loved one.

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Feel better, instantly.

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